A Hasidic jew. A community college bio professor. A stolen pig. 

To Dust follows the story of Shmuel, who seeks solace after the death of his wife. Shmuel must find answers outside of his religion, even when such scientific inquiry risk Shmuel’s expulsion from his church. But he will only find comfort in knowing that his wife’s body returns to dust, believing her soul will suffer until that point. To understand the timeline for this decay, Shmuel blasphemously consults biology professor Albert. Hilarious do-it-yourself experiments ensue, including an incident with a pig. “I don’t imagine that that’s um… kosher?” 

This comedy-drama won the Narrative Audience Award at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Shawn Synder’s debut feature, To Dust, is “decidedly different, and that is no small accomplishment in this day and age” (Mark Feeney, Boston Globe). 

Science on Screen® 

naomi grimminck web
This special Science on Screen event pairs To Dust with a pre-film presentation. Naomi Grimminck, Assistant Pathologist (aka "dead" PA), will be detailing the journey of a surgical specimen from the operating room to the gross room (where excised tissue is transferred from surgery to pathology) to the pathology lab—from biopsy to resection to results.

Naomi Grimminck, MHS, PA (ASCP), Pathologists' Assistant, grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, with a lifelong passion for science and pathology. She worked for 3.5 years in a pathology lab as a lab assistant and grossing tech before going to Virginia for grad school and finally to Tacoma, WA for her first job as a ("dead") PA. 

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