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Private Events and Group Rates

To book or inquire about any of the below options, please email!


1.  Private Screenings 

Want to watch a film we are already playing at the theater? The Grand Cinema is excited to offer private screening options! Private screenings can generally be booked up to two weeks in advance. Check out our available film options on the schedule below!

Weekday non-business hours: We can accommodate Monday-Friday only (non-holiday), while the theater is closed, with a 5-ticket ($50) purchase minimum and $10 for each additional guest. 

Weekday: We can accommodate private screenings Monday-Thursday (non-holiday) afternoon and evening times, as scheduling allows, with a 40-ticket ($400) purchase minimum and $10 for each additional guest.

Weekends and holidays: We can accommodate a limited amount of private screenings on weekends (Fri-Sun) and holidays during business hours. This option requires a theater buy-out of 100 tickets at $10 each.

The minimum number of tickets must be purchased at booking. You are welcome to sell them to your group individually after that if you choose.

This gives you an opportunity to invite your closest friends and/or family to watch any currently-playing movie in a private setting at the Grand Cinema! We can also customize the screening based on your group's needs: lights, volume, captions, etc. 

Please use the "Book Now" button and fill out the form to set up a private screening. Be sure to include the film title, requested date and time, and any additional information, including captioning, lighting, audio, and concessions requests. 

2. Group Rates

If you are bringing a group of 20+ people, you can request a discounted group rate for any Public Screening. We recommend reaching out at 3+ days ahead of your event to ensure your preferred screening can accommodate your group size.

3.  Private Auditorium and Lounge RENTALS:


Photography by Ed Coucou

Rent an auditorium for a friends and family event, video gaming, run a meeting, or work on a multimedia project! You provide the film, digital content or gaming system and we'll do the rest.
Private rentals can include, but are not limited to:

  • Birthday events for any ages
  • Gaming
  • Independent Filmmaker Screenings
  • Business or Group Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Video or Photoshoots
  • Film Festivals
Standard rentals are three hours long but we can work with your timeline if you need a shorter or longer amount of time. We recommend booking as early as possible, as popular times do book up quickly. Standard rentals typically start at $300 and go up from there, depending on the date/time and any additional staffing or tech needs. 

Space capacity:
Theater #1 - 110
Theater #2 - 104
Theater #3 - 95
Theater #4 - 73
Lounge capacity (pictured above) - Up to 80 standing

*Discounts available for Tacoma Public Schools via the Tacoma Creates grant.
*We have limited space to host public meet-ups and groups in our lounge at no charge. Send us a message for availability!

We recommend booking at least 6 weeks in advance, as popular times do book up quickly.


4. Public Screening Rentals

If you wish to show a film to the public as an individual, business, or organization, you can do that too! 
Public screening rentals can include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundraisers
  • Community Awareness
  • Community Organizing/Outreach
  • Client or Donor Appreciation
You can choose any film you'd like to show, however, any film that is being shown in a public setting and/or advertised (for free or otherwise) by your business or organization requires a film license, or for smaller films, licensing/permission from the filmmaker directly, per copyright laws. Licensing fees generally range anywhere from $200-$500 depending on the film and distributor. This must be obtained by the individual, business, or organization putting on the event. 

It's easy to request a license for most films! Resources for film licensing: Swank, Janus Films

Rental Pricing:  Same as above


EMail to book your event today!

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