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Weird Elephant's Year in Review we_title_web

2016 was a watershed year for Weird Elephant at The Grand Cinema! Our monthly genre series drew hundreds of local horror/cult/weird film fans from far and wide. Read on to see what all you may have missed from this film series and related events. 


Host or Fly a Tacoma Film Festival Visiting Filmmaker 25 NF reception

The Tacoma Film Festival is looking for mileage donations and hosts to help our visiting filmmakers have an amazing time when they visit. Read on to learn how you can help!

Babysitter Madness with Emelie emelie film 1

March's Weird Elephant selection highlights what can go wrong if parents do not carefully vet their babysitters. Emelie is a tautly scripted and suspenseful horror/thriller. It is a concise and somewhat Hitchcockian (yes, it's a word!) piece. The film reminds the viewer of a devious cross between Michael Haneke's Funny Games and Hand that Rocks the Cradle (filmed in Tacoma. Never forget a claim to fame, people!).

Monty Python's Life of Brian Dec 25 and 26 brian-baby

Monty Python taught me that grown-ups were generally absurd and not excluded from ridicule, which, though true, still gets me in trouble from time to time.

Pythons' high level of British scoffing was the perfect antidote for the all too serious Cold War era USA. My pals and I would seek the stuff out wherever we could get it.

After many late night laugh fests, I judged the best Python to be Life of Brian. Written over two weeks while the Pythons were in Barbados, and bankrolled by Beatle George Harrison (who "just wanted to see the movie"), this satire of religion and The New Testament spared no one.

Read on and join us for Life of Brian on December 25 and 26.

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