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Do you want to see your organization or business on the big screen?

You could become a proud supporting sponsor of your local nonprofit independent movie theater AND meet your marketing needs! There's more than a few good reasons why advertising at the Grand may be the best option for you:

  • The Grand Cinema has a yearly average attendance of 135,800 (as of 2019)
  • The Grand Cinema patrons are loyal to other Grand Cinema supporters
  • Average yearly income range $80,000 – $87,000 
  • The audience is diverse, with longtime members of our loyalty program, local students (who get free tickets!), and first-timers looking to see films they often can't see anywhere else!
  • LOCAL, affordable, easy and VERY effective! An ad on the big screen is a memorable experience!

At the Grand Cinema we offer two ways to advertise your organization or business:

Onscreen Billboard Advertising

  • We project your static image onscreen in between EVERY film as part of our sponsor loop.
  • Slides are guaranteed in three (3) theaters, but will be shown in all four (4) theaters when available.
  • Each slide will run for seven (7) seconds. 
  • In 20 minutes your slide will be shown five (5) times. 
  • We show on average 4 movies per day for a total of 80 minutes of sponsorship slide time per theater; total 240 minutes per theater.
  • Your slide will be seen at minimum 20x per day in each theater; total 60 times per day. 
  • Your slide will be seen at minimum 1800x per month (based on a 30-day month).
  • Our most affordable option, starting at $400 per month.

Onscreen Video Advertising

  • We project your 30-45 second video onscreen directly before trailers on EVERY film.
  • Videos are guaranteed in two (2) theaters, but will be shown in all four (4) theaters when available. 
  • Each video will run one (1) time before each movie screening in each theater. 
  • We show on average 4 movies per day in each theater. That is a minimum of 4 x 2 = 8 times your video will be seen. 
  • Your video will be seen at minimum 56 times in one week (based on a 7-day week). 
  • Maximum 3:00 minutes of sponsorship videos to be sold at any given time, as this cuts down on the amount of clutter around your advertising and makes sure your ad is memorable to our audience!
  • Pricing starts at $200 per week.

If you are interested in either of these options, want a custom quote, or have any questions, please email!

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