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Dangerous Men

Dangerous Men
Action, Comedy, Thriller | 2015 | R. 1hr 20min
CAST: Anneli Aeristos, Paul Arnold, Mark Besharaty DIRECTOR: John Rad WEIRD ELEPHANT SERIES

After Mina witnesses her fiancé's brutal murder by beach thugs, she sets out on a venomous spree to eradicate all human trash from Los Angeles. Armed with a knife, a gun, and an undying rage, she murders her way through the masculine half of the city's populace. A renegade cop is hot on her heels, a trail that also leads him to the subhuman criminal overlord known as Black Pepper.

In 1979, Iranian filmmaker John S. Rad moved to the U.S. to shoot his dream project, a rampaging gutter epic of crime, revenge, cop sex and raw power. Just 26 years later, he completed an American action film masterpiece that the world is still barely ready for today: DANGEROUS MEN.

Our friends from Odd Otter Brewing Company will be joining us in theater at both screenings to serve up local craft brews.

As if our own present-day Ed Wood suddenly walked among us.
LA Weekly
Mind-boggling virtuoso WTF-ery.
The Daily Beast
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