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Olympic Pride, American Prejudice

Olympic Pride, American Prejudice
Documentary, Sport | 2016 | NR. 1hr 22min
CAST: Lonnie Bunch, Anita DeFrantz, Harry Edwards, Carl Lewis, Isiah Thomas DIRECTOR: Deborah Riley Draper TUESDAY FILM SERIES

In 1936 when 18 African-American athletes participated in the Berlin Olympic Games, history forgot all except one. This is the story of the other 17.

Join us for a discussion following the 6:45 PM screening led by Bernadette C. Ray.

Riley doesn't portray this fellowship of black athletes as victims, but as pioneers proving themselves against white supremacy behind enemy lines. And yet this doc also pulls them back down to earth.
Tatiana Craine, Village Voice
History is not neat and tidy, however much we wish it could be, and "Olympic Pride, American Prejudice" is more than adept at getting to the truth about perhaps the most mythologized event of the modern Olympic movement.
Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
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