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Land of Mine

Land of Mine
Drama, War | 2017 | R. 1hr 40min
CAST: Roland Moller, Louis Hofmann, Joel Basman DIRECTOR: Martin Zandvliet ENDS APRIL 13

In post-World War II Denmark, a group of young German POWs is forced to clear a beach of thousands of land mines under the watch of a Danish Sergeant who slowly learns to appreciate their plight. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year.

This isn't a war movie; it's an after-the-war movie. But the battle lines are still drawn, and every ragged breath the film takes braces for an explosion.
Barbara VanDenburgh, Arizona Republic
Both grimly naturalistic and infused with classical values at their most thoughtfully composed, "Land of Mine" is epic but deeply intimate; elegant but tough.
Ann Hornaday, Washington Post
A riveting slice of life in traumatized post war Europe leads to the miracle of human connection.
Ron Wilkinson, It's Just Movies
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