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gravity rearranged

gravity rearranged
2019 | NR. 1hr 17min
CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various 2019 Tacoma Film Festival Official Selection

Narrative short films.

1. Dumpling

US | 2018 | 5 min | Xiaolu Wang
Based on the director’s lived experience moving from China to a predominantly white, rural American town when she was 14, the film takes place on Xiao Xing’s first day of high school, where she begins to feel othered and isolated in her school cafeteria. She preserves her identity by eating dumpling she brought from home. Dumpling blends traditional narrative with magic realism to reflect on the struggle to belong. West Coast Premiere

2. Chicle

US | 2018 | 14 min | Lizette Barrera
An ill-tempered teenager attempts to find peaceful solitude on the day of her grandfather’s passing until an estranged friend pays her a visit. WA State Premiere. Filmmaker will be in attendance.

3. 3 sleeps

United Kingdom/France | 2019 | 18 min | Christopher Holt
Casey (9) lives with her two young sisters, Kiera (7) and Taylor (5) on a tough estate in London, England. When their troubled mum leaves them home alone for the weekend, Casey is sworn to secrecy. Navigating an adult world isn’t easy. Things take a turn for the worse when Casey’s youngest sister falls seriously ill, she is now caught between protecting her mum or saving her sister's life. West Coast Premiere

4. The Role

Iran | 2018 | 11 min | Farnoosh Samadi
A woman accompanies her husband for an audition. What happens there leads her to an important decision... West Coast Premiere

5. Melodi

Singapore | 2017 | 12 min | Michael Kam
An awkward, lonely boy is infatuated with his new neighbour, a young caregiver. In his own way, he reaches out to her... WA State Premiere

6. Halayla (Tonight)

Israel | 2018 | 14 min | Emily Shir Segal
Tonight Tom comes over to meet her younger girlfriend’s group of friends for the first time. As the evening unfolds, she discovers a different side of herself, her girlfriend, and their relationship, when confronted with her friends. At the end of the night, she’ll have to make a choice. WA State Premiere

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