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Buddy - Dog Friendly Screening

Buddy - Dog Friendly Screening
Documentary | 2019 | NR. 1hr 26min
DIRECTOR: Heddy Honigmann Bring Your Dog to the Theater!

dog screening


The Grand Cinema is proud to announce another opportunity to bring your dog to the movies!
Doors: 9:45 AM | Movie: 10:15 AM
Bring your friendly, movie-loving dog to The Grand Cinema, get your picture on the red carpet, and receive a special goodie bag thanks to WAG Pet Market (available to the first 50 attendees).

Pictured canine at right: Fenrir @TroubleOn4Paws


We’re asking everyone to bring their well-behaved, movie-loving dogs for this dog-friendly event.
  • Every dog must be accompanied by one person.  
  • Dogs may enjoy the movie sitting next to you on the floor or in your lap.
  • Dogs are not permitted to sit on the theater seats due to risk of accident or injury. 
  • If your dog is showing any signs of stress or agitation, please give them a break from being in the theater. There is a nice grassy patch in front of the cinema for leg stretches and fresh air. 
  • Please bring your own blanket to drape over the movie theater chair that your dog will be sitting in. This will be a significant help for our volunteers/staff cleaning the theater and getting it ready for the next film screening. 
Watch the film’s trailer, find additional (non-pet) showtimes for regular screenings, and more information here


Doggy & me tickets: $16 (includes 1 human + 1 dog),  $11 Grand Cinema member + dog 
Humans without hounds: $8 ($5.50 Grand members)


In this poignant and carefully composed portrait of six service dogs and their owners, renowned documentary filmmaker Heddy Honigmann explores the close bond between animal and human. Honigmann questions the owners in her characteristic way—respectfully and with genuine concern rooted in a deep trust—about what the animals mean to them. Buddy is an ode to the fighting spirit of the main characters and a loving portrait of the deep bond between man and dog.The movie is warm, observant, mildly philosophical and deeply curious about the daily and inner lives of both the people and their four-legged assistants.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards Old Dog Haven.


We're delighted to partner with WAG Pet Market to present this special screening.

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