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Ali and Nino

Ali and Nino
Drama, Romance | 2016 | NR. 1hr 40min
CAST: Adam Bakri, Mari­a Valverde, Mandy Patinkin DIRECTOR: Asif Kapadia

Set against the sweeping tide of history, this is the breathtaking tale of a romance that crosses political, geographic, and religious divides. Azerbaijan, 1918: though he is Muslim and she is Christian, Ali and Nino defy their parents and marry. At first it appears that their all-consuming love will be enough to overcome the differences in their backgrounds. But their bond is soon put the test when everything they know is turned upside down by the arrival of World War I. Based on the novel by Kurban Said.

A love story between a Muslim and an Eastern Orthodox believer that is also a history lesson about oil-rich Azerbaijan.
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice
...the passionate love story at the heart of Said’s novel anchors a drama that also surveys a fascinating slice of history...
Godfrey Cheshire,
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