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A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove
Comedy, Drama, Foreign | 2016 | PG-13. 1hr 56min
CAST: Rolf Lassgard, Bahar Pars, Zozan Akgun DIRECTOR: Hannes Holm

Ove, an ill-tempered, isolated retiree who spends his days enforcing block association rules and visiting his wife's grave, has finally given up on life just as an unlikely friendship develops with his boisterous new neighbors.

It's a heartwarming tale about a stubborn, short-tempered man with steadfast beliefs, strict routines and the feeling that everyone around him is an idiot - and no reticence about telling them so.
Alissa Simon, Variety
A Swedish crowd-pleaser about a curmudgeon who attemps suicide after the death of his wife but who mellows out with the help of a new neighbor and a street-scarred cat.
Harvey S. Karten, Compuserve
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