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2017 Tacoma Film Camp


Film Camp Dates & Registration

Film Camps for summer 2017 will be announced in late winter. Stay tuned for more info!

Here's a sample of our weekly Camp Schedule:

Monday The Art of Storytelling through Media - A screenwriting and storyboard workshop with a look at film throughout history and how the stories on the silver screen are created.
Tuesday Hands-on training for various aspects of film making (how to use the digital camera, lighting, sound, etc.) Break into production teams and begin filming.
Wednesday/Thursday Continue filming with group. Start post-production and editing when ready.
 Friday Complete editing. Screen the completed films for friends and family!

Please direct any questions about Tacoma Film Camps and Film Clubs to Faith Stevens, Project Coordinator.

To view the short films created by campers in past years, visit The Grand Cinema's YouTube channel.


Film Club
In the fall of 2015, The Grand Cinema began piloting a new club program that runs through the school year.

Film Club is an afterschool program at Lincoln High School where passionate students learn to analyze movies and to bring their own stories to life through film. Students meet weekly to learn about and make movies. Once a month the students visit The Grand for a film and discussion. 

The initial successes of this program will guide the continued expansion of The Grand's education programming. 

Please direct any questions about Tacoma Film Camps and Film Clubs to Faith Stevens, Project Coordinator.

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