Films play at the Grand Cinema, Museum of Glass and Tacoma Art Museum

Saturday, October 6th

GORK! (84 min)

10:30am at the Museum of Glass

(Documentary, Directed by Devon Terrill)

GORK! traces the life of Adam Terrill - a loud, charismatic, flag-twirling redhead who has a compelling mix of creative talents and developmental disabilities. The film explores the comedy and conflict within Adam's family, in particular his relationship with older sister Autumn. Scenes from Autumn's irreverent award-winning stage play bring to life stories from Adam's childhood.



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Evolution (12 min, Drama, Directed by Georg Jungermann)

Lena knows that her boyfriend, Tim, has hidden a surprise for her in the wardrobe. Can she withstand the temptation to take a peek while Tim is gone all day? *Official Selection: Newport Beach, Harlem International (Best Short) and Las Vegas Film Festivals. Trailer & Facebook


*Also plays Monday, October 8, 2:00pm at the Grand Cinema

Out On a Limb (79 min)

10:40am at the Tacoma Art Museum

(Documentary, Directed by Kevin Heutink) NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance!**

David "Squirrelman" Csaky received international attention and became the face of homelessness when Seattle officials evicted him from his treehouse where he'd been squatting for nearly two years. Out on a Limb chronicles the construction and destruction of David's treehouse, and follows his journey to crawl out of homelessness. Along the way we're introduced to renowned treehouse builder and author, Peter Nelson, and homeless newspaper vendor, James French. Trailer

Family Shorts (71 min)

12:00pm at the Grand Cinema
  • A Martian Picnic NW Film website
  • Animated Amusements website & trailer NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance**
  • Catch and Release NW Film
  • The New Debutantes NW Film
  • Good Night Guard NW Film
  • Tuurngait teaser & website
  • The Nebbish NW Film
  • Pound for Pound
  • The Nightlight Zone NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance**
  • Live Outside the Box website & trailer
  • Wolf Dog Tales website & trailer
  • Mungge




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The First 70 (30 min, Documentary, Directed by Jarratt Moody)

The First 70 is an inspiring journey through California to visit the 70 majestic state parks slated to close, and to meet the people who treasure them. Website & Trailer

Uncertain Ice (57 min)

12:40pm at the Museum of Glass

(Environmental Documentary, Directed by Cory Kelley) NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance!**

Uncertain Ice is the story about dedication, observation, and a passion for place. Set in the rugged peaks of the Pacific Northwest, it tells the story of Mauri Pelto and his team of researchers as they travel on the melting glaciers of the North Cascades. The inspired original soundtrack and thoughtful pace transport the viewer to glacier covered mountainsides. Uncertain Ice is the endearing story about the commitment of one man and a beautiful, changing part of our world. *World premiere!*



We are Legion: the Story of the Hacktivists (95 min)

12:40pm at the Tacoma Art Museum

(Documentary, Directed by Brian Knappenberger)

A documentary about the workings and beliefs of the self-described "hacktivist" collective, Anonymous. *Official Selection: HotDocs, Ashland Independent, SXSW, and Slamdance Film Festivals

Website  &  Trailer

* Also plays Sunday, October 7, 8:30 at the Grand Cinema

Boom Varietal (72 min)

2:00pm at the Grand Cinema

(Partially-subtitled Documentary, Directed by Sky Pinnick)


Don't miss a post-film wine tasting featuring the Malbec from the film, in addition to a discussion with U. of Puget Sound Professor Michael Veseth, and Boom Varietal's producer.

The buzz among wine connoisseurs and novices alike, is one word  Malbec. Originally from France, Malbec found its perfect home in the dry Argentine climate. Its booming popularity has swept through the world, reviving a varietal that had been nearly lost entirely. Boom Varietal will inspire not only your palate but a love for the rich Argentine culture. Featuring Michael Veseth, a professor at the University of Puget Sound. *Official Selection: Honolulu, BendFilm, Mexico, Las Vegas and Hot Docs Film Festivals.

Website & Trailer

Hotstuff (50 min)

2:40pm at the Museum of Glass

(Documentary, Directed by Robin Lehman)

There's something so sensuous about watching hot glowing glass being worked, stretched, twisted, spun and cut. You can almost feel it. Six of the greatest living glass artists team up to show you their Hotstuff. Featuring glass artists William Gudenrath, Pino Signoretto, Lino Tagliapietra, Vittorio Constantini, Mark Matthews, and Paul Stankard. Directed by two-time Academy Award winner, Robin Lehman.


Axis of Light (60 min)


2:45pm at the Tacoma Art Museum

(Partially-subtitled Documentary) United Kingdom

Seen through the work of eight leading Middle-eastern artists, Axis of Light is a poignant and absorbing observation of the beauty and mystery of the Middle East which is often ignored, especially in today's society where anger and violence demand center stage in our media and where stereotypes and prejudices distort public views of the Middle Eastern region and its culture.

Website  &  Trailer

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Margaret & Evergon (45 min)

(Documentary, Directed by Donald Winkler) Canada

Photographer Evergon took a series of nude portraits of his 80-year-old mother: images that embodied not the infirmities of old age, but a timeless strength, dignity, and even majesty. This film explores what lies behind the photographs, uncovering a poignant family history, a woman's determination to be her own person, and a unique and inspiring relationship between mother and son.

Facebook  &  Trailer



Lemon (83 min)

3:45pm at the Grand Cinema

*Director's pick!

(Documentary, Directed by Beth Levison & Laura Brownson)**Filmmaker in attendance!**

Ex-con turned poet/performer Lemon Anderson fights to overcome generations of poverty by telling his story on the stage. Revisiting his past is more than he bargained for when he is confronted by his demons. But Lemon was born to survive, so when Spike Lee steps in to produce his new show, Lemon believes he might finally find his redemption.

Website  &  Trailer

Plays with:

L Train (10 min, Drama, Directed by Anna Musso)

Teenage girl Sunny's commute through inner-city Chicago reinforces her negative attitude, until one day an encounter with a young woman who is differently-abled forces her to consider replacing her anger with compassion. *Official Selection: Sundance, Chicago International, Atlanta Film Festivals  Website




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International Shorts (92 min)

*Director's pick!

4:00pm at the Museum of Glass

*Also plays Friday, October 5, 2:00pm at the Grand Cinema

Ethel (97 min)

6:00pm at the Grand Cinema

(Documentary, Directed by Rory Kennedy)

A documentary on Ethel Kennedy that provides an insider's view of a political dynasty, including her life with Robert F. Kennedy and the years following his death when she raised their eleven children on her own. *Official Selection: Ashland Independent, Sundance, HotDocs, and FullFrame Documentary Film Festivals.


* Also plays Thursday, October 11, 2:00pm at the Grand Cinema

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Plays with:

The Umpire (22 min, Drama, Directed by Libby Wells)

When professional baseball's only female umpire, Billie Satriano, is asked to investigate the disappearance of a senior umpire suspected of corrupt activities, she is torn between her family of officials and the game she loves. In navigating through this dilemma, Billie's game-focused gaze is not only called into question and her career placed in jeopardy, but her own life will hang in the balance. Website & Trailer

Code of the West (71 min)

6:15pm at the Grand Cinema

(Documentary, Directed by Rebecca Richman Cohen) *Special guest in attendance!*

At a time when the world is rethinking its drug policies, one state rises to the forefront of our attention. Once a pioneer in legalizing medical marijuana, Montana is poised to become the first in the US to repeal its medical marijuana law. Code of the West follows the political process of marijuana policy reform. *Official Selection: SXSW and Traverse City Film Festivals

Website   &   Trailer

Comedy Shorts (85 min)

8:05pm at the Grand Cinema

Sponsored by: Judy Bumbaugh



Plays with:

Abigale (15 min, Drama, Directed by Robert Machoian)

Abigale is a short film based off of a conversation overheard while sitting in a welfare office. *World Premiere!* Website

Close-Up (85 min)

8:15pm at the Grand Cinema

(Drama, Directed by Jose Cruz, Jr.) **Filmmaker in attendance!**

After falling off the wagon due to a drug addiction, a once-aspiring actor tries to rekindle his career, win back his estranged wife and daughter, and stay clean during the holidays. He finds himself in a deep kinship with a kindred spirit, a young woman he nicknames "Freebird". She shows him how to stand up, discover himself and move on with his life. *Official Selection: Dances with Films Festival

Website  &  Trailer

Late Night Shorts (93 min)

10:00pm at the Grand Cinema
  • Chompers website (Preview screening) NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance!**
  • Hope website & trailer
  • E R A S E R website NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance!**
  • Leak trailer
  • Secret of Light Facebook & trailer **Filmmaker in attendance!**
  • The Ballerina and the Rocking Horse website & trailer **Filmmaker in attendance!**
  • Shine 3D NW Film **Filmmaker in attendance!**
  • The Captured Bird website


The Ballerina and the Rocking Horse

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