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Board of Directors

Board 2017 Grand Cinema
The Grand Cinema is a nonprofit; our strategic direction is guided and informed by a board of volunteer directors, representing our communities, who meet monthly. 

The Grand's board comprises 13-17 members who help set policies, develop plans for the future, provide fiscal oversight, raise money, and advocate for the theater. (The board does not select films to be screened or involve itself in day-to-day operations.) Board members agree to serve a three-year term with the option of returning for a second term. 

Every year members of The Grand Cinema vote on new and returning board candidates to serve. Per our bylaws: "the current board shall present to the membership a slate of candidates for board positions. Members will vote, with opportunity to comment, by ballot to approve or disapprove the entire slate."

The Grand Cinema current board of Directors roster

As approved by a member vote in February 2017

Jp Avila, Pacific Lutheran University
Sean Patrick Burke, No Code Productions
Ali Criss, Financial Insights
J. Mike Dunn, community volunteer
Kala Dralle, City of Tacoma
Ben Ferguson, Ferguson Architecture
Jason Gamboa, Tacoma Apparel Co, eTc
George Hollis Jr., Gotta Dance Productions
David Long, Marine View Ventures
Megan Pottorff, attorney at law
Joy Sage, Tacoma Public Utilities
David Seago, community volunteer
Matt Sherls, Tacoma Public Schools Science and Math Institute
Serni Solidarios, University of Puget Sound
Janna Stewart, community volunteer
Dean Wilson, veteran, community volunteer
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