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Parking at The Grand Cinema

Tacoma is growing, and parking downtown can be challenging at times. Peak times are 12:00-4:00pm on weekdays. Outside of those hours, parking is fairly plentiful and easy to find, especially on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Free parking is almost always there if you can walk a few blocks and you give yourself some time before the movie. 

If you are physically able to walk a few blocks, please consider parking a bit further away from the theater and walking to help our fellow Grand lovers who need to park closer for accessibility.

Here is our guide to get you parked!


The lot directly adjacent to the Grand patrons is free on Saturdays and Sundays. During the week it has paid parking until 4pm on weekdays, after which it is free to Grand patrons. We’ve worked out a deal where patrons can park for $2 during films before 4pm. Just stop in and get a ticket for your dash. There are also two disabled/accessible parking stalls in the lot (pay required before 4pm on weekdays). 

Our Fawcett member lot (438 S Fawcett) is available after 4:30pm M-F and all day Sat, Sun and holidays. Lot closes at 11:30pm. You must have a member pass to park there during the assigned hours, and it is only an additional $5 per year with a current membership.


If it is feasible, we encourage you to walk, bike, or use public transportation. We recommend Downtown On The Go for info on getting around. We also recommend the free phone app One Bus Away - it tells you when buses are coming and going very accurately in real time. 


Did you know that with a state-issued disabled parking placard or license plate/tabs, you can park in any public parking space, free, for unlimited periods of time? RCW 46.61.582. 


Free untimed street parking is more frequently available north of 6th Avenue in the St. Helens district. Untimed spots are sometimes available during peak hours on 6th Ave between Tacoma Avenue and “I” Street, along Wright Park’s southern border. You can also try a few blocks down the hill between Broadway and Fawcett on 6th as well or north on St. Helens Ave. There are 90-minute stalls in front of or near The Grand (Tacoma Ave between 6th and 9th in particular, or across the street by the Triangle condos) that are often open during our peak times. On Saturdays, parking in these stalls is free and unlimited after 6 p.m., and all day on Sundays and Holidays.  


Metered street parking is available starting on 7th Street and available throughout downtown Tacoma to South 21st street. On Saturdays, parking in these stalls is free and unlimited after 6 p.m., and all day on Sundays and Holidays. The metered parking on Market Ave, Court “C”, and Court “D” between 9th and 11th Streets is often available even during peak times. 


There are a number of parking areas with hourly/daily fees that are available within a short 4-10 minute walk of The Grand. 

1. 178 St Helens Ave. The parking lot across from the Temple Theater and The Hub. About 4-5 minutes walk and almost always has plenty of spaces.  

2. 438 Fawcett - Grand Cinema Member lot, $5 per year with current membership. Lot is available M-F 4:30-11:30pm, and all day Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. 

3. 738 and 759 Market Street. Just two blocks away - the lots near the Tacoma Municipal Building often have spots available. 

4. 910 Market Street. This parking lot often has open spaces at peak weekday hours.

5. 940 Market St - Rhodes Garage. Often overlooked, this huge 550-space parking garage is open to the public and reasonably priced. Bring cash - the attendant leaves an envelope on your car and you pay when you leave. 

6. 923 Commerce Street - Park Plaza North Garage. If you are planning a day in downtown, this lot is helpful. Right in the heart of the theater district, you can park in this central location, walk across Commerce on the skybridge to Broadway’s Theater on the Square and Pantages theater and walk about 5-10 minutes to get to The Grand. 

7. 916 Broadway Street. Located across the street from the Pantages Theater and Theatre on the Square. 


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