At The Grand, we love all sorts of movies, the classics among them. It's why we celebrate the history of film through our monthly classic series

As you can imagine, the debate over which holiday film to show in December was vigorous. 

Some wanted to go a little more obscure (have you seen In the Good Old Summertime? Turns out it's a Christmas movie); some wanted to go new classic (Home Alone is 25 years old, after all). 

In the end, we had to go with truly one of the biggest and best in enduring holiday musicals, White Christmas

This wonderful film has become a part of so many of our holiday traditions, it seemed high time for White Christmas to grace the big screen again. 

And we figured the incredible music of White Christmas most definitely deserved the full-throated participation of more than 100 enthusiastic movie-goers. 

So, we scheduled two screenings of White Christmas complete with helpful hosts from our friends over at the Puget Sound Revels and waited to see what the people would think of it - turns out, our South Sound friends were definitely ready for a singalong White Christmas! 

We sold out our 6:45 pm screening, added a third show, and now we've got two more singalongs on December 22nd! 

All together we have five opportunities for you to enjoy White Christmas complete with singing hosts, prizes, and trivia. We can't wait to celebrate the holidays with you, see you at The Grand!

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