Now accepting New Volunteer Applications for 2019!

Did you know that Grand Cinema theater operations is run mostly by volunteers? That right—all the folks you see around the theater popping your popcorn, pouring your drinks, and helping you find seats are volunteers and we couldn’t run the place without their year-round dedication!

Interested in joining the team? Here are just a few reasons why you should volunteer with us!

  1. SENSE OF COMMUNITY: The Grand Cinema is more than just a movie theater and we strive to be a comfortable space for all people to have a welcoming place to enjoy film. We also believe that watching movies in a theater creates a sense of community bonding through a shared film experience. Many of our volunteers say that a big reason they like to volunteer is that they enjoy spending time and talking with fellow cinephiles about movies!

  1. FREE MOVIES: We love the fact that we are able to offer incentives to our volunteers! Each shift that a volunteer works, they get a pass to come back and see a film on us. Volunteers also have the option of seeing a complimentary film either before or after their shift. We also host exclusive volunteer screenings about once a month. That’s a lot of movies!

  1. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING: We only require a minimum of one volunteer shift (only 3 hours) per month, though most volunteers opt to do more! Through our easy online scheduling portal, volunteers get to pick and choose what shifts they want to volunteer for and when up to two months out. If having a regular set schedule is more your thing, we also have an option to auto-schedule so you can volunteer the same shift(s) every month.

  1. SCHOOL CREDIT/WORK EXPERIENCE: Are you in high school or college and can get credit for volunteer work or need volunteer experience to add to your resume? We’re here for you—we love working with teens and young adults to help them gain essential customer service skills and experience a working environment. We’re always happy to give references for potential future jobs based on your volunteer experience with us!

Are you sold yet? Pop on over to the volunteer page of our website to get more information and to fill out the online application:

Have more questions? Please reach out via email to