Film and the art of filmmaking inspires all of us at The Grand Cinema to experiment and try new things when we create programming and events.

Filmmaking also inspires us to meet as many filmmakers as we can, pick their brains, help them meet other creatives, and showcase their work. 

Track 01 cropped 2

Since we’re in Tacoma, we’re particularly invested in our Northwest film community. Beyond our annual film festival, we’re also making more opportunities for filmmakers and artists to meet, connect, and collaborate.

This is the inspiration that led us to create TRACK - our local music video showcase sharing the newest and best in music videos created in the Northwest.


We kicked things off June 1st with TRACK 01, showcasing nine new music videos and premiering a brand new short documentary featuring the Tacoma band Pig Snout.

We screened the program June 1st and 2nd and included artist Q&As throughout. After our June 2nd screening, we headed down the street for an awesome after party at new venue The Carpenter’s Building, where three of the featured artists performed and we enjoyed delicious beers from our sponsor Redhook Brewery.

TRACK 01 Pig Snout Kris Crews

It’s always a risk to debut new programs - we work to help our potential audience understand what exactly the event will be; we make sure we get artists there; and we often reach out and engage community partners and supporters. 

For TRACK 01, everything came together in an amazing way.

We hosted more than 30 filmmakers and musicians who were excited to answer questions about their videos; we partnered with Alma Mater, a new neighboring business working to create an arts center and music venue; and we were supported by Redhook, a brewery that cares about creativity and expression (and tasty beer).


There was a lot to love about TRACK 01 so let me see if I can distill it.

TRACK 01 Bruce Leroy

First of all, it is a serious treat to see music videos on the big screen and pumping through our brand new in-theater sound system -- this is how you want to see these incredible videos but pretty much never get to. 

It was obvious that this was a treat for our filmmakers and musicians too - and maybe even a little overwhelming. Choices made in the creation of a video that the artists’ expected to share primarily online, took on big, cinematic significance. Details that would seem minute on your phone screen shared narrative nuances and surprises that otherwise we would almost completely miss. It was validating and inspiring to share their creative choices in this BIG way.

Second - the diversity of talent in our area was undeniable. We featured incredible indie bands, rappers, R&B singer/songwriters with gorgeous voices, musicians of all ages, and bold, creative, inventive, and experimental filmmakers. 

TRACK 01 TNT Trees and Timber Laura

TRACK 01 boasted undeniable skill and artistry, emphasized how collaborative music and filmmaking are, and how much they rely on each other.

Lastly, we hoped that TRACK 01 would bring together creative people, give them space to connect, and then see what could happen next. These artists did not disappoint: each night was defined by enthusiastic and inspired mutual appreciation.

I had conversation after conversation with filmmakers and musicians exclaiming at the incredible videos and talent on display - and then those conversations evolved into plans for collaboration, partnership, and new projects.


We were delighted with our first TRACK and can’t wait for the second one.

Sure, we didn’t sell out the first TRACK on our first try, but initially it was so much more important to create an engaging and inspiring space where we could truly share how awesome our local artists are and what they can do. 

TRACK is and will continue to be about working together, building partnerships, and showing that the South Sound is a creative force in the Northwest. 

TRACK 02 will be part of our Tacoma Film Festival programming this October. Keep in the loop by signing up for our filmmaker updates (email me to join the list) and watching our social media sites (twitter, facebook, instagram). 

See all the amazing artists who kicked off TRACK 01 listed below and get a taste for the awesomeness that TRACK 02 is sure to be.


In order, TRACK 01 featured:

“Impasse” by Mirrorgloss directed by Jack Saffle

Premiere of “The Knife Thrower II” by Ben Von Wildenhaus directed by Danny Boulet

“Something New” by Phinisey directed by Peter Berkley

TRACK 01 MirrorglossPremiere of “Home” by Bruce Leroy directed by Silong Chhun and Brian Robinson

“American Beauty” by Ayebblee directed by Byron Israel

“Grown Man” by Fly Moon Royalty directed by Bryan Campbell

“The Woah Song” from the musical Lizard Boy by Justin Huertas directed by Laura Marshall

“The Streets Don’t Love Me” by TNT The Natural Truth with Sir Mixalot and LK, directed by James Winters

“Good is in the Graveyard” by Trees and Timber directed by Sean Downey

Premiere of “The Snout Also Rises,” a short documentary featuring Pig Snout by Kris Crews

And the after party...

Hosted by Alma Mater in The Carpenter’s Building, sponsored by Redhook Brewery and featuring

DJ Press Play (Silong Chhun)

Bruce Leroy


Thank you to all the artists, sponsors, and community partners who brought this event together. We’ll see you all again in October!