We've been eyeing Spike Lee's new film CHI-RAQ, trying to find screen space for it. 

The film was available to us last week but we didn't have screen space available to bring it in; it is after all a zero sum game: for a new film to come in, an old one has to leave. 

We were committed to playing TRUMBO last Friday and we'll keep that film for one more week, but we are happy to say that when TRUMBO leaves on December 17, we'll bring in Lee's film on December 18

Because of other film commitments on Christmas Day (scheduled to open two films, YOUTH and DANISH GIRL), Chi-Raq will only be able to play one week at The Grand, but at least we'll be able to bring it to Tacoma. 

 Get your shopping done early so you have two hours to spare at The Grand!