I wrote about the spring movie season last year, and it cannot be overstated: Springtime is truly the season of the cinephile. 

the rape of recy taylor
Awards season has come and gone, studio blockbusters still have a month or two before they come into full swing, and instead, some truly strange and beautiful film masterpieces are released. These films tend to be unapologetic, idiosyncratic, surprising; they hold their own.


Startling genre films, moving documentaries, and movies that defy categorization: Ex Machina, The Lobster, Embrace of the Serpent, Boy and the World, Janis: Little Girl Blue, What We Do In The Shadows, The Red Turtle, Their Finest - just to name a few - all opened on our screens during March, April, and May.

I'm hard-pressed to put these movies into one category, but each contains a captivating and complete worldview inside their run time. 

They are the kinds of movies - and the kinds of storytelling - that stick with me afterwards.


Spring means we have room on our screens for under-sung films, many that were nominated during award season but were not yet available in the US. We've already featured incredible films like A Fantastic Woman, The Party, BPM, and Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool

Many spring releases only make it for a week in theater so it's a great time of year to take chances and see anything and everything on opening weekend.

Community Festivals and PArtnerships

Beyond our regular screenings, we host the Tacoma Community College Diversity Series which plays throughout May. For 2018, the TCC curators selected six different stories thoughtfully celebrate the often marginalized stories of the American experience. Learn about the upcoming films here. 

We're also in the midst of our partnership with the City of Tacoma, screening 14 films from 14 different countries as part of the Tacoma Sister Cities Film Festival. There are five left to experience so come check them out.

Saturdays with Studio Ghibli

Toward the end of spring, heading into June, The Grand is hosting a special Saturday morning film series featuring three of director Hayao Miyazaki's masterpieces: Spirited Away May 26, Princess Mononoke June 2, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind June 6. 

Start your weekend off right with cereal, a mimosa, and Studio Ghibli!


What to See in Spring

Here are just a few of the films coming this spring, I hope you get a chance to meet them; you won't regret making time for these special films:

Some of these films only play for a single day, so be sure to follow the links and mark your calendar if you are interested in seeing them on the big screen. 

Cheers to our local filmmakers

253 faves big screen
Spring is also the time when we shine the spotlight on our local storytellers through the 253 Short Film Competition, the 253 Short Film Party, and for the first time ever, the 253 Film Summit. Get involved and support our local creators too.

See you at the movies!