At the closing of the year, despite all the holiday craziness, I try to squeeze in a few donations for my favorite nonprofit organizations and causes.

I do this (not only because I like to think I'm a generous person, but) because it's good for everyone's bottom line: good for my 2015 taxes and good for the organizations I care about because they can balance their annual budgets, pay their bills and staff, and look forward to a new year with sound financials.

Also, with these donations, my favorite organizations can do the important, impactful, inspiring work in my community and around the world that makes me proud to support them!

Giving to The Grand

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As a fundraiser, I know just how challenging this time of year can be for nonprofits. The generosity of our supporters is never guaranteed, the necessary donations don't always materialize. 

This is my first year fundraising for The Grand Cinema in my role as Assistant Executive Director and I have to tell you, this place is powerfully inspiring. In the next few weeks, we will be wrapping up our current campaign and the outpouring of support and enthusiasm for the work of The Grand has been incredibly heartwarming. 

For the first time (at least in recent memory), the staff at The Grand agreed to focus our year-end campaign on one of the hardest elements to fundraise for: general operational support. 

General operations are all those budget line items that look the most boring but add up to be the life of an organization: staff time, resources, equipment and cleaning supplies, electricity, water, internet. You know, all the stuff that keeps the business of The Grand growing and thriving. 

And you, our supporters - members, patrons, donors, neighbors - responded enthusiastically. You saw our video before a film, saw our messages on social media, or received a letter asking for your support and a whole bunch of you responded with a donation! 

Reaching our $25,000 goal 

We have a goal of $25,000 to reach by the end of the year and we have received donations from hundreds of individuals so far. These donations are helping us reach our goal but we still have a little way to go. Help us raise the remaining $5,000 by donating today. (And of course, if you give by December 31, your donation is tax deductible for 2015!)

Here's what is most important about giving to The Grand this year: The Grand is growing and changing. 

Thanks to your support, our education programs are growing, our community partnerships are growing, and our ability to support and showcase independent film and filmmakers is growing. The Grand Cinema is truly a world-class arts organization and film continues to inspire us to find new ways to strengthen our community by celebrating expression and sharing perspectives. You, our donors, patrons, and members, are the reason why we at The Grand can keep growing and changing and serving our community.

If you haven't had a chance to give to our campaign yet, please take a moment and donate today. 

Check here on our blog for updates on the success of the campaign and on our growing programs. 

Have any questions or want to learn more? Give me a call (253-593-4474 x 114) or email me. I'm always excited to share what we're up to!

Thank you again for your help and support as we at The Grand Cinema look forward to a very exciting 2016. See you at the movies!

And, just because I love it so much, I'll conclude with our blooper outtakes from our donation video.