With the end of our current board term, it is now time to recruit new members to the Board of Directors of The Grand Cinema. As a valued patron of The Grand, we are asking for your help with this annual effort.

Election information and a nomination form can be found here. Please feel free to nominate yourself or someone else who would be a strong addition to our leadership team.

Here is what to do:
 - Identify someone to stand for election who is a member of The Grand
 - Complete a nomination form and write a brief 150 word biography
 - Return each to The Grand by Monday, February 1st

That's it. Please note you need not be a film expert to serve on the Board. We are particularly interested in recruiting board members with expertise in finance, commercial real estate, business management/ownership, or fundraising/development and someone who has a history of community networking.

Because it is important that the board of directors represent the community at large as best as possible, we seek a range of perspectives stemming from people of diverse backgrounds to help the theater continue to address a specific niche while still expanding the way our community thinks about film and art. Terms are three years with an option to serve a second term.

The Board meets on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Board members are also assigned to a standing committee which usually meets monthly at a time convenient to members. Board responsibilities also include membership at the Grand, financial contributions to the Grand, participation in fundraising activities and attendance at selected Grand events. For more information concerning Board activities, please refer to The Grand Cinema website.

If you have questions, please email thegrandcinema@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance,

Bernadette Ray
Board President