If you have been to The Grand Cinema in the past week or two, you may have noticed some changes in concessions. We’re proud to now be using biodegradable paper products thanks to our switch over to Coca Cola products, and to be generating less trash volume with the replacement of bulky popcorn buckets with compact bags. 

These changes are being undertaken to help make The Grand more environmentally friendly and ensure that we are doing our part as members of the Tacoma community to be good stewards of our environment and resources.

Where did the Buckets go?

Popcorn bag size compare IMG_6400

If you've asked for a large popcorn in the last couple of weeks you may have noticed that we are now using large popcorn bags instead of the former press-board buckets. These bags are the same size as the buckets (170 oz) and are still refillable, meaning you'll enjoy the same amount of crunchy goodness while using less material from the container. 

These new bags are 100 percent biodegradable, and take up less space in the landfill, so we're pleased to make this switch. Bags also take up less space in the garbage bins here at The Grand, which makes things easier for the wonderful volunteers that help keep everything running smoothly in theater. 

“Delicious and Refreshing” 

sustainable cups IMG_6403

After considering costs, patron preferences, and environmental impact, we recently switched from Pepsi to Coke products in concessions.  

The majority of our guests prefer Coca Cola products, and their paper soda cups are 100 percent biodegradable (this option is not available with Pepsi products). This new switch also saves The Grand money, allowing us to better steward our resources as a nonprofit cinema. It’s a win win!

Recycling Changes

Along with reducing operating costs and trash volume, we also value recycling and want to make it clearer and easier to use our recycling system. If you have not already seen them, check out the new signs in theater, to help make being environmentally friendly more straightforward in theater. 

sustainabily recycle station FullSizeRender_1 (1)

Our blue bins accept plastic bottles and aluminum cans only for recycling. All other trash including candy wrappers, soda cups, napkins, popcorn bags, goes in the black receptacles.
Thank you for following our recycling system appropriately so that the recyclable materials do not end up in the landfill and so that the recycling bins do not end up contaminated with trash. 

Please be sure to be on the lookout for new recycling signage on your next trip to the movies, and feel free to go above and beyond by taking home any compostable or glass recycling that we cannot yet accommodate. Thank you for helping us all help do our part!

BYO Water Bottle

Did you know about our filtered water station to the left of the concessions counter? Bring your own reusable container or purchase one of our durable, reusable bottles for just $10 and help reduce plastic use and waste.  

If you have any questions feel free to talk to one of our house managers or email us at info@grandcinema.com. You can also leave us a note in our comment box located in the lobby on top of our T-shirt display case. We welcome and appreciate your feedback at all times.