It’s been an inspiring year at The Grand Cinema!

  • More than 140,000 people have enjoyed the more than 200 films we’ve screened so far.
  • The Tacoma Film Festival hit record attendance and hosted more than 60 filmmakers.
  • Over 2,000 citizens participated in our post-film discussions.
  • 145 students of all ages worked together to make films and met filmmakers through our education outreach.
  • Hundreds of families visited each month to enjoy our Free Family Flicks.
  • Over 200 volunteers kept our popcorn popping, our theaters clean, led film discussions, and helped with events.

But what stands out the most is you - our members, volunteers, supporters, neighbors, friends - who share compassion and a love of stories with us at The Grand Cinema every day.

The Grand Cinema is your space to discover, share, find inspiration, make friends, and create.

The Grand is where you see the newest films from your favorite directors and actors and discover new talent. It's where you meet your friends to see and talk about film. The Grand is where you dive into a film festival filled with risk-taking new filmmakers - some who might even be your neighbors. The Grand is where you see youth finding their voice through its education programs.

We can all agree: The Grand Cinema is not your average movie theater. Especially now, spaces like The Grand that uplift art from around the world and connect our communities are vitally important.

At the end of each year we ask you to consider a meaningful donation to help keep the nonprofit Grand Cinema growing and thriving.

Every year we like to use this opportunity to connect with our supporters, to learn more about why they love The Grand, and to share those perspectives. 

This year we sat down with volunteers, board members, and staff to hear their stories. 

Through December, you will here from Van, Winnie, Heather, Bernadette, Katy, Jason, Ken, Lu, and Christopher in our theaters and on social media, sharing why they care about the work of The Grand Cinema.

Donate today. Help us raise $20,000 so we can continue to share our communities stories and stories from around the world.

Your donation provides essential operational support: your gift keeps The Grand’s doors open, the projector lights on, and helps with all our daily needs.

The Grand is a nonprofit: ticket sales and concessions only cover about 80% of our annual expenses. Donors and members like you help get us the rest of the way there - your generosity and investment help us make ends meet.

Your gift grows the love of independent film in our community and with the next generation of Grand patrons.

You can donate to The Grand and help us reach our $20,000 goal in many ways: 

  • you can click the link below and give online.
  • Many of you will receive our annual letter and can mail back the donation with the enclosed form or drop it off at the box office on your next visit. 
  • Next time you come to see a movie, give a donation when you buy your movie tickets!

Thank you for being a part of the culture of creativity and expression here in Tacoma and for your support.