It was nearly impossible for me to pick just a few highlights from this year's festival line-up. There are worse problems to have so I've gotten over my trouble of choosing and offer the following tibits/nuggets/morsels/some other word that sounds like a gross, small thing that you eat:

thunder road 2 Thunder Road was originally a stunner of a short film that had me laughing and crying in equal measure the first time I saw it. The fact that they have made it into a feature-length movie that is getting rave reviews has me pretty stoked. The fact that we have it as our Friday Night showcase film at the Blue Mouse Theater (with a pre-film happy hour at Peaks & Pints) on Oct 5 is just one more reason for me to shout. All the details.
miwa Fawcett Hall is pretty much the place to be on Sunday, Oct 7. The day starts with a performance from Miwa Matreyek at 11AM. It's the first time in our 13-year run that we've had a live theatrical/cinematic presentation as part of our line up (at least, I think) and the fact that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages solidifies it squarely in my excitement realm, or "E Spot".
sp_track 03
Later that same day at Fawcett Hall we have our third iteration of TRACK: Music Video Showcase. My formative music-video-watching-self was full of gems like this, so the chance to program a line up (along with Wade Neal) with something more *ahem*, secular, feels like I've been able to bring a little balance back to the world.TRACK has grown over the last few years, and this event is sizing up to be the biggest yet. TONS of local content, a nice big screen, filmmaker/artist Q&As, and live music performances after the videos will make this quite a party. If that wasn't enough, one of the artists on the bill, exdreams, has decided to make this event the official release for their debut album, physical contact. Watch out, Tacoma.

I could go on, so I will.

sp_lady parts The Lady Parts short film program is "the smallest sampling of womxn's stories from the countless lives, experiences, and creations of half the world's population" - to quote myself. In the early stages of watching films that were submitted to TFF, there were a few that stood out as especially good at showing stories from the ladies. Turns out I was able to put a whole program together so that's what this is.

This is hands down my favorite TFF film still. It's called Min Borda (The Burden) and it plays as part of the Animated shorts film program:
The End

 faiths blog free Wait! I forgot to mention one more really important thing. TONS OF STUFF IS FREE! While ticket and pass purchases go to support our festival and keep us running (buy a shirt!) we are happy to offer lots of non-cost things to do too:

  • The Veldt VR Studio runs Sat & Sun 11AM-7PM at King's Books and is absolutely free. Nothing says "the future" like sweet headgear.
  • We have 8 industry workshops & panels at no cost. I have nothing clever to say, these are quite upstanding and useful events for filmmakers and film-lovers.
  • Screenings at the University of Washington, Tacoma, on Tuesday, Oct 9 are free and open to the public: Dalya's Other Country and Animated.
  • New this year, we are offering Student Film Passes for any student, of any age, who has a student ID and can fill out a short form at The Grand's box office. The Student Film Pass gets you into movies for free. It has a few exclusions (some higher-priced special events, etc.) but your only limit on regular TFF movies is your attention span and sitting stamina.

   Ok, now this is The End. ALL THE TFF INFO