Today is Faith Stevens' last day at The Grand Cinema! After over five years of being on the team, we raise a toast to our favorite Project Producer & Lead Designer. Welcome to Part 3/3 of our feature on Faith.

My Neighbor Totoro

(chocolate covered animal crackers, childhood smothered in the chocolate lens of adulthood)
faith totoro animal cracker

The Black Stallion

(dried seaweed would be best, but let's go in the sugar cube direction with packets of sugar from the hot beverage counter)⁣
faith black stallion


(red wine, because love and grief and tears)
faith mother red wine

The Jerk 

(raisinets, loved them as a kid but they haven't aged particularly well)
Faith the jerk

What We Do in the Shadows

(Valhalla coffee ice cream on a hot day, Bluebeard coffee on a cold one, because darkness [and blood isn't available])
faith what we do in the shadows

Rubin & Ed

(anything watermelon flavored)
faith rubin ed


(nordic fish)⁣
faith elling
We’ll miss Faith, but she’ll be just down the road at the Tacoma Public Library as their new Graphic Arts and Public Information Specialist! We wish Faith the best of luck and thank her for the 5+ years of fantastic design, hard work, the wearing of many hats, and laughter brought to the team.