Starting Wednesday, May 8, The Grand Cinema will offer weekly Wednesday screenings at 10:30 AM designed for parents with infants, autistic individuals, and guests with other special sensory needs. We will present regularly scheduled films with modifications in all four theaters.

Lights are a little brighter, volume is a little lower, open captions will be displayed (when available), and talking, making noise, and moving around are permitted. The purpose of this program is to invite young families who need a break from being at home and to provide a safe, welcoming space for guests with special needs. While babies are allowed, the content is not necessarily rated as family-friendly.

A moviegoing experience free of disruptions has been normalized—no talking, please!—and although this works for many people, we recognize that some guests need flexibility when it comes to “standard” moviegoing etiquette. The Grand Cinema is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all people to enjoy. 

This new program begins with baby/sensory-friendly screenings of Amazing Grace, Hail Satan?, The Mustang, and Wild Nights with Emily. Bring your babies–no one will give you the stink eye if they cry–and feel free to move about, dance, sing, or shout!

We will update current offerings at