UPDATE, April 12: Governor Inslee announced that Pierce County is moving back to Phase 2 on April 16. We will operate accordingly at 25% capacity.

In March 2020, we closed our doors with the hope we'd be back in a few months. One month turned to two, and here we find ourselves: still closed over a year later.

But as more people get vaccines (and with everyone 16 and older being eligible starting May 1), it has reached a time where we can say: WE ARE BACK! On Friday, April 30, we will open our doors again with the kind of great film programming you would expect from us.

The world has changed and for those who choose to return to films, you’ll notice some changes with us as well:

  • Lines will have the usual distancing of six feet between customers;
  • To allow more social distancing for our volunteers behind the concessions stand, concessions will have a different location to pay, closer to the exit doors;
  • To ensure distancing in the seating area, seats will be reserved. Once tickets are purchased, our software will block off the two seats next to you (including front and back) so that they are not purchased by another party. You can purchase reserved seats online OR at The Grand;
  • Under WA State Phase 3 guidelines, we will be operating at maximum 50% capacity. Because of the social distancing in reserved seating outlined above, this actually works out to below 40% capacity;
  • Between screenings we will clean not only the floors (as we normally would) but also sanitize the seating area;
  • And of course, masks must be worn at all times except to take bites of your concessions.

More information about our COVID-19 guidelines and procedures can be found here.

We'll have much more to share in the coming month, and to be sure, we are keeping our ear to the ground as far as changes to how COVID-19 is trending locally. But for now, we're on track, and we can't wait to welcome you back to the cinema!