Award winners for the 16th annual Tacoma Film Festival have just been announced! Congratulations to everyone who snagged a trophy this year, and a big shout out to all the filmmakers who submitted their work and helped make this year’s event so special. It’s just good to see you all in person again, let alone getting to enjoy everyone’s creativity. That's juror Lynne Siefert in the photo, and here are this year’s winners:

Best Music Video: KREIS by Kilian Immervoll & Anna Sophia Rußmann 

Best Late-Night Film:  THE FOLLOWING YEAR by Miguel Campana

Best Animation: OUR BED IS GREEN by Maggie Brennan

Best Screenplay, Narrative Short: THE UNSEEN RIVER by Phạm Ngọc Lân

Best Performance, Narrative Short: Nadir Saribacak for LEYLAK

Best Cinematography, Narrative Short: Giorgos Valsamis for I AM AFRAID TO FORGET YOUR FACE

Best Direction, Narrative Short: Affonso Uchôa, SEVEN YEARS IN MAY

Best Narrative Short: THE UNSEEN RIVER by Phạm Ngọc Lân

Best Documentary Short Film, Honorable Mention: ORBITA by Udval Altangerel

Best Documentary Short Film, Honorable Mention: LUCES DEL DESIERTO by Felix Blume

Best Cinematography, Documentary Short Film: THE WHELMING SEA by Sean Hanley

Best Direction, Documentary Short Film: Adam Khalil and Adam Piron, HALPATE

Best Documentary Short Film: SURVIVING YOU, ALWAYS by Morgan Quaintance 

Best Cinematography, Documentary Feature: Goga Devdariani, Salomé Jashi for TAMING THE GARDEN 

Best Direction, Documentary Feature: Jessica Kingdon for ASCENSION 登楼

Best Documentary Feature: ACTS OF LOVE by Isidore Bethel and Francis Leplay

Best Pacific Northwest short: SEE ME by Dawn Jones Redstone

Best Pacific Northwest feature: A BLACK RIFT BEGINS TO YAWN by Matthew Wade

Best Screenplay, Narrative Feature: FIRSTNESS by Brielle Brilliant

Best Performance, Narrative Feature: Nikohl Boosheri, ALIA’S BIRTH

Best Cinematography, Narrative Feature: Alex Grigoras, WOOD AND WATER

Best Direction, Narrative Feature: Charles Mudede, THIN SKIN 

Best Narrative Feature: POTATO DREAMS OF AMERICA by Wes Hurley