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The Power of Life, Love, & Farts: Swiss Army Man swiss army man 2

Visceral, magical, broad, compassionate, corporeal, the work of directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert is inspired by mortality and human bodies in their every form and function: as expression, as vessel, as something to stick on and in another body.

In this rich subject, the Daniels have found a way to really surprise us, and to explore bodies and their mortality in fascinating, absurd, inspiring, and risible ways.

Swiss Army Man, The Daniels’ first full length feature film, is guided by a deceptively simple concept. A man, stranded and lost, finds a tool that helps him survive, find his way, and thrive. The tweak is that the tool is a magic corpse named Manny: a “swiss army man.” 

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Film Review: DARK HORSE and the Power of Community Dark-Horse-1-1024x764

More than a movie about a thoroughbred, Dark Horse is a celebration of the underdog and speaks to the power of a shared, community vision.

CREATE, CELEBRATE, COLLABORATE: The Grand's new TRACK Series TRACK 01 Bruce Leroy Ayebblee Fly Moon Royalty

Film inspires us at The Grand Cinema to meet as many filmmakers as we can, pick their brains, help them meet other creatives, and showcase their work. 

Obviously, since we’re in Tacoma, we’re particularly invested in our Northwest film community. Beyond our annual film festival, we’re also making more opportunities for filmmakers and artists to meet, connect, and collaborate.

This is the inspiration that led us to create TRACK - our local music video showcase sharing the newest and best in music videos created in the Northwest.

Read on to learn about TRACK 01:


This comedic love triangle has all the twists and turns that you could ever hope for, but never truly expect.

The Lobster Review: Romance in the Absence of Emotion the lobster04

Abounding with gags delivered in deadpan seriousness, thematically dark and surreal, and often hilariously uncomfortable, The Lobster excels in its mature comedic sensibilities and will leave audiences confused but still satisfied by its poetic questioning of modern Western romantic expectations.

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