Photos by Peter Berkley

Time flies! Just ten days ago, we held the 2nd ever 253 Film Summit on the UWT campus in partnership with UWT Film Club; the day before that, we took over Urban Grace for our annual 253 Short Film Party. Two weeks prior, three dozen local filmmaking teams were racing against a 72-hour clock to create short films... to be viewed and awarded at the 253 Short Film Party. It's all in the name of our mission to "enrich lives and enhance the cultural vitality of the Greater Tacoma community through the art of film."

How does it all work? Registration for the competition opens in early spring; at the end of April, the teams converge at The Grand's lower lobby for final instructions, which includes the unveiling of the four required elements. This year's required elements were a white dress, fake news, a scene from a well known movie, and the line of dialogue, "back to square one." All films must last no longer than 253 seconds, and the teams have 72 hours to write, shoot, and edit them. 

We'd like to extend a hearty congratulations and thank you to all participating filmmakers—those who competed in the 253 Short Film Competition, and also those who came out for a day of education and networking at the 253 Film Summit. Film is alive in Tacoma! 

WATCH ALL films from this year's competition: 2019 253 SHORT FILM COMPETITION ENTRIES

Congratulations to the 2019 winners:

  • Audience Choice: Virus by Andrea Trenbeath
  • Jury Choice: The Whi~te' Dress by Adam Utley, Dalton Shotwell, Paul Richter, Dylan Twiner
  • Best Use of the line "Back to Square One": The Whi~te' Dress by  Adam Utley, Dalton Shotwell, Paul Richter, Dylan Twiner
  • Best Use of Element (Fake news): The Scoop by Get to the Choppa!
  • Best Use of Element (A well known movie scene): Checkmate by Misael Martinez, Leo King, Jeff Barehand, Olympia Film Collective
  • Best Use of Element (A white dress): The Wedding Ring by Tommy Storslee, Juli Storslee, Ryen Glynn, Octavius Copiack
  • Honorable Mention: Smile From My Face by James William Clark, Janice Liu, Dave Sidley, Rebecca Hopson, Olympia Film Collective
  • Emerging Filmmaker: Ghosts of Point Defiance by Penny Archer, R.T. Quinn

Pizza upstairs 253 2019
Enjoying pizza upstairs!
Pizza upstairs 253 2019
Photo booth!

Urban Grace auditorium 253 2019
Over 600 people attended the event held at Urban Grace
Andrea Trenbeath 253 2019
Audience Choice winner Andrea Trenbeath for the film Virus with Grand ED Philip Cowan

We'd also like to sincerely thank our volunteers and our sponsors. We really could not put on any event without you!

2019 sponsors: 


Lastly, a HUGE thank you to all who attended the event and supported the competing filmmakers. That's really what the party is about: providing space (and an audience of well over 600 people!) for filmmakers to share their work and encourage folks at all levels in their creative journeys. The Tacoma Ledger said it best: "The general energy throughout the audience was one of pride and admiration for both the films screened, as well as the local community that fostered each film. In many of the scenes, recognizable Tacoma settings were featured as the backdrop, giving a sense of appreciation for the area we live in. While everybody has a connection with the city in a different and personal way, these scenes provided a sense of unity amongst the crowd that formed a special community experience."

Youll Like Tacoma 253 2019
Filmmakers of You'll Like Tacoma posing
Urban Grace 253 2019
Thank you to Urban Grace for lending us their space