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Women's Adventure Film Tour 2021

Women's Adventure Film Tour 2021
Adventure | 2021 | NR. 1hr 40min

Launching on International Women’s Day (March 8), the Women’s Adventure Film Tour 2021 is a celebration of the inspiring women around us, doing extraordinary things in the name of adventure! The Women’s Adventure Film Tour is an annual program, attended by thousands of people worldwide. Each year, the Tour’s program of fun, entertaining and inspiring short films is carefully selected to showcase real stories about powerful, adventurous women from around the world stepping outside their comfort zones and achieving their goals in a variety of extreme sports. This year’s virtual program features SEVEN short documentaries that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime! 

A poetic short documentary film that follows four daring young women to the 79th parallel, under 700 miles from the North Pole to rediscover themselves amidst Svalbard’s epic arctic ocean sailing, ice mountain climbs, and ski descents. 

If I Can 
Anoushé Husain is an accomplished Paraclimber. She balances a chaotic lifestyle, complicated by medical conditions, with a busy work, training and climbing schedule. In 2018 her Climbing partners may have just set the toughest challenge yet, as they venture into the world of outdoor climbing. 

You Never Know 
A documentary about Polish paragliding star and 2013 world Champion Klaudia Bulgakow’s journey to the top in paragliding. Sea Birds Sea Birds is an inspiring story that explores the lives of 25 ladies who swim in the ocean together every day. No matter how much experience you’ve had in life, it can be as unpredictable as the ocean. 

Just Be 
Just Be is a short movie about the art of living wide rather than living long. “Life’s short, they say. But…maybe it’s just long enough, if you live it right.” Yes, it’s two girls mountain biking, but the message is transferable to everyone, no matter which activity you choose outdoors. 

Jack of All Trades 
Follows Sophia Schwartz’s 2020 project “Jack of All Trades,” in which the outdoor adventurer takes to the mountains with three goals: Jumping: Land a double backflip; Mountaineering: Ski the Grand Teton; Freeride: Link-up the “Jackson Hole Trifecta” (3 technical ski lines in a single day). Each one was daunting and inspiring. She knew that whether she was able to succeed or not, the days working towards these goals would surely be the most fun of the season. 

Transcending follows the journey of Erin Parisi as she comes into her own identity as a Transgender woman and trains for the Seven Summits to create awareness and visibility for the Trans community. This is a journey of extensive vulnerability, heartbreak and courage. 

(Total program running time: approximately 100 mins.)

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