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Wild Rose

Wild Rose
Drama, Music | 2019 | R. 1hr 41min
CAST: Jessie Buckley, Matt Costello, Julie Walters, Sophie Okonedo DIRECTOR: Tom Harper TUESDAY FILM SERIES

Wild Rose tells the complicated story of Rose-Lynn, a woman on a quest to become a country music star, while also grappling with the responsibilities of being recently released from prison and a young mother of two children.

It demonstrates wisdom far deeper than almost any road-to-stardom story I can think of. It's more about how a soul is saved than how a star is born.
Jeffrey Overstreet, Looking Closer
Buckley's unusually unguarded expressions give viewers entry into her character's every thought.
Carla Meyer, San Francisco Chronicle
"Wild Rose" is singing a different tune. Just don't be surprised when it winds up getting stuck in your head.
Adam Graham, Detroit News
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