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Thriller, Mystery, Romance | 1958 | PG. 2hr 8min
CAST: James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock SILVER SCREEN SOCIETY | MAR 17, 2023

San Francisco police detective Scottie Fergusson develops a fear of heights and is forced to retire when a colleague falls to his death during a chase. An old college friend (Gavin Elster) hires Scottie to watch his wife Madeleine who is suddenly behaving strangely. Scottie follows her around San Francisco and is drawn to Madeleine and her obsession with death. He unwittingly becomes a figure in a complex plot, and is determined to discover the truth behind it all.

"The lure of death, the power of the past, the guilty complicity of a clean-cut hero, the near-fetishistic use of symbol and color: these Hitchcock hallmarks are all mesmerizingly on view."
Janet Maslin, New York Times
"Combines in an almost unique balance Hitchcock's brash flair for psychological shocks with his elegant genius for dapper stylishness."
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
"One of the landmarks -- not merely of the movies, but of 20th-century art."
Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader
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