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Documentary | 2017 | NR. 1hr 48min
DIRECTOR: Shaul Schwarz, Christina Clusiau TUESDAY FILM SERIES

This in-depth look into the powerhouse industries of big-game hunting, breeding and wildlife conservation in the U.S. and Africa unravels the complex consequences of treating animals as commodities.

Join us for a discussion following the 6:55 p.m. screening with Karen Povey, Conservation Engagement Manager, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and Northwest Trek.

Trophy instead holds its subject right up to the light, like a diamond, so that all facets can be seen. It may not rouse the public to action, but it will give us something to ponder.
Danielle White, Austin Chronicle
... conveys compassion for the animals without passing judgment on the humans who kill them for sport. It's timely and provocative.
Todd Jorgenson,
To its credit, "Trophy" neither shames its subjects nor offers an easy solution.
Pat Padua, Washington Post
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