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The Timekeepers of Eternity

The Timekeepers of Eternity
Late night | 2021 | NR. 1hr 12min
Closed Captioning CAST: Bronson Pinchot DIRECTOR: Aristotelis Maragkos TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL | PRESENTED BY WEIRD ELEPHANT | OCT. 12, 2022 | MASKS OPTIONAL

Mr. Toomey has an important business meeting in Boston, but he dreads the thought of arriving. The only relief from the screams of his father in his traumatic dreams of childhood, is obsessively tearing paper - ripping it into strips. When he wakes on his flight, there seems to have been a tear in reality as most of the other passengers have vanished. When the survivors land, the airport is eerily empty of life, like a blank page. Something is coming to rip this weird paper purgatory of the mind apart - Monsters only Mr. Toomey can confront.

Footage from the 1995 Stephen King TV movie The Langoliers is edited, printed and animated into a paper nightmare.

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The Timekeepers of Eternity is an ambitious, unexpected experiment in remixing art with multiple techniques and mediums. It's a singular vision and a complete story that mines new ideas from a nearly three-decade-old made-for-TV miniseries.
Meagan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting
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