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The Painter and the Thief

The Painter and the Thief
Documentary | 2020 | NR. 1hr 42min
CAST: Karl Bertil-Nordland, Barbora Kysilkova DIRECTOR: Benjamin Ree VIRTUAL SCREENING ROOM | CLOSES 6/25

Desperate for answers about the theft of her 2 paintings, a Czech artist seeks out and befriends the career criminal who stole them. After inviting her thief to sit for a portrait, the two form an improbable relationship and an inextricable bond that will forever link these lonely souls.

This remarkable, transformative story, in which the director explores the relationship between the subjects, gets to deeper truths and is a soul-stirring, life-affirming watch.
Leslie Combemal, AWFJ Women on Film
This humble documentary proves that truth is stranger than fiction. A spirited watch that will leave you feeling good.
Morgan Rojas, Cinemacy
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