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The Nightingale

The Nightingale
Drama | 2019 | R. 2hr 17min
CAST: Aisling Franciosi, Sam Claflin, Baykali Ganambarr DIRECTOR: Jennifer Kent TUESDAY FILM SERIES

Set in 1825, Clare, a young Irish convict woman, chases a British officer through the rugged Tasmanian wilderness, bent on revenge for a terrible act of violence he committed against her family. On the way she enlists the services of an Aboriginal tracker named Billy, who is also marked by trauma from his own violence-filled past.

The Nightingale features graphic and potentially triggering acts of sexual violence towards women, violence towards children, and violence motivated by racism. We encourage you to read through the press notes and view the film in its entirety. This film presents complex issues and does not attempt to offer neat solutions to systemic issues of race, misogyny, sexual violence, or classism. While the film's narrative is fictional, it is inspired by historical events. The film presents the opportunity to open up an honest dialogue about cycles of violence, the repercussions of colonialism, and the value of experiencing challenging, troubling works of art. While art can make viewers uncomfortable, it can also inspire reflection on the importance of empathy for our survival.

A powerful, emotionally shattering experience, and one of the most memorable movies so far this year.
Wenlei Ma,
A twisty, slow-burning thriller, The Nightingale is both shockingly violent and profoundly poignant as it unflinchingly counts the costs of cruelty, retribution and colonialism.
Brandy McDonnell, The Oklahoman
The Nightingale will make you angry in its depiction of violence and hatred, but it's a necessary anger that will hopefully lead to a better understanding of its themes.
Matt Rodriguez, Shakefire
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