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The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time
Adventure, Family | 1988 | G. 1hr 10min
CAST: Gabriel Damon, Helen Shaver, Candy Hutson, Pat Hingle, Candice Housten DIRECTOR: Don Bluth FREE FAMILY FLICK

A group of orphaned dinosaurs, led by young brontosaurus Littlefoot, set out on a journey to the legendary Great Valley in this animated children's adventure. The group of ancient beasts face countless challenges along the way, including vicious predators and harsh nature.

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The Land Before Time works by evoking the simple virtues of this art aimed at children, as it was in the beginning when Disney animated Mickey Mouse. This film deserves a place next to the often-revived animated classics.
Candice Russell, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Most of ''The Land Before Time'' is so authentically geared to the thinking of children that it should charm adults as well.
Janet Maslin, New York Times
It is full of the delightful merriment of childhood, albeit dinosaur childhood not Homo sapiens. For a sweet and simple little picture the whole family can gather round the tube and watch with delight, this one delivers the goods.
Steve Rhodes, Internet Reviews
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