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The Insult

The Insult
2018 | R. 1hr 53min
CAST: Kamel El Basha, Adel Karam, Camille Salameh, Diamand Bou Abboud, Rita Hayek, Carlos Chahine DIRECTOR: Ziad Doueiri TUESDAY FILM SERIES

In today's Beirut, a civilian dispute blown out of proportion finds Tony (Adel Karam), a Lebanese Christian, and Yasser (Kamel El Basha), a Palestinian refugee, facing off in court. As the media circus surrounding the case threatens a social explosion in divided Lebanon, Tony and Yasser reconsider their values and beliefs as revelations of trauma complicate their understanding of one another.

The Insult doesn't offer any easy answers ... but it lays out plenty of evidence, provides introspection, and educates.
Mae Abdulbaki, The Young Folks
The film's pitch perfect pacing and the superbly written political drama, coupled with its humanitarian factor, make it not only one of the best foreign films of 2017, but one of the best films of the year.
Paula Farmer,
The dialogue in The Insult is punchy, the editing brisk, and the performances kept just a notch below swaggering exaggeration, as you might expect from a writer-director who has worked with Tarantino.
Stuart Klawans, The Nation
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