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The Devil's Candy

The Devil's Candy
Horror | 2017 | NR. 1hr 30min
CAST: Ethan Embry, Shiri Appleby, Kiara Glasco DIRECTOR: Sean Byrne WEIRD ELEPHANT SERIES

A struggling painter is possessed by satanic forces after he and his young family move into their dream home in rural Texas, in this creepy haunted-house tale.

...a heavy metal vision of hell.
Laura Clifford, Reeling Reviews
What makes "The Devil's Candy" a standout is how well-developed these characters are. This is ultimately a movie about parenting, and how even "hip" moms and dads fear the choices they make are hurting their young.
Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times
It is, in other words, the kind of horror film that transcends genre and reaches that rare but exalted sweet spot of touching on genuine human fears.
Kenji Fujishima, Paste Magazine
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