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The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
Documentary | 2016 | NR. 1hr 54min
CAST: Leni Badpenny, Richard Belzer, Rosario Dawson DIRECTOR: Greg Palast, David Ambrose MEANINGFUL MOVIES - FREE SCREENING

Rolling Stone investigative reporter Greg Palast busted Jeb Bush for stealing the 2000 election by purging Black voters from Florida's electoral rolls. Now Palast is back to take a deep dive into the Republicans' dark operation, Crosscheck--designed to steal a million minority votes by November--and the billionaires who finance it.

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Palast slices through all the B.S., and while he may be over-the-top in his presentation, keep in mind, he's got just the facts, ma'am.
Daphne Howland, Village Voice
The film’s message transcends the devilish details of voter suppression, partisan institutional racism and unrepentant billionaire greed. Exercising the right to vote is about breaking the grip billionaires and oligarchs have on the economy, pushing people to needless suffering so an elite can profit and live exorbitantly.
Steven Rosenfeld, Alternet
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