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Spacies - The Live Show

Spacies - The Live Show
Comedy, Sci-Fi | 2023 | PG. 1hr 30min
CAST: Frank Roberts, Nena Curley, Thomas Robinson, Dylan Twiner, Paul Richter LIVE PERFORANCE | ONE NIGHT ONLY 3/18/23

A Grand Evening with Spacies (At the Grand!) March 18, 2023

Join the cast of the hit local Sci-Fi Comedy Podcast SPACIES for a LIVE recording of three fan-favorite episodes!  


More about The podcast
SPACIES is a new-time podcast in the style of classic radio adventure serials! It follows two Intergalactic Space Guardians, Commander Rash Blasterbelt and Ensign Jock Junior as they explore space, protect the innocent, and guard the universe against bad guys at all cost!
Spacies is recorded in Tacoma, Washington and created by five local artists/nerds: Frank Roberts, Dylan Twiner, Paul Richter, Nena Curley and Thomas Robinson.

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More about the show

The cast of Spacies will perform three episodes from the series LIVE in-theater at the Grand! 
(Est. run time: 90 Min)

1. SPACIES of the Lambs!

In this episode, our heroes face off against the evil Baron Von Mahkswell, an alien space-bent on being the smartest person in the universe, even if it means eliminating anyone smarter than him. 

2. Planet of the Doomed! 
Commander Rash Blasterbelt and Ensign Jock Junior find a mysterious message on a strange planet that just might spell disaster for them both!

3. The SPACIES Holiday Spacial!
In a very special holiday extravaganza, our heroes get a visit from Interdimensional Santa Clause, who teaches them the true meaning of Spacemas (a futuristic holiday that is celebrated in late March)

"Hands down, one of the best Tacoma-based sci-fi comedy podcasts ever made!"
Flipfloop Zipzapulow, SpaceNews Weekly
"The cast of SPACIES never disappoint! An absolutely unmissable show!"
Queen Humungulus, Ruler of the planet Enormius
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