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Space is the Place

Space is the Place
Music, Sci-Fi, Cult classic | 1974 | R. 1hr 22min
CAST: Sun Ra, Raymond Johnson, Christopher Brooks DIRECTOR: John Coney WEIRD ELEPHANT | BLACK HISTORY MONTH | FEB 17 & 18, 2023

Avant-jazz mystic Sun Ra brought his pioneering Afrofuturist vision to the screen with this film version of his concept album. It's a wild, kaleidoscopic whirl of science fiction, sharp social commentary, goofy pseudo-blaxploitation stylistics, and thrilling concert performance, in which the pharaonic Ra and his Arkestra lead an intergalactic movement to resettle the Black race on their utopian space colony.

"It's impossible to look back on the literary and cultural aesthetic dubbed, "Afrofuturism," without this sonic piece of film/music history blasting into perspective. Sun Ra's "Space Is the Place" is the epitome of this unprecedented style. It"s the perfect combination of sci-fi, historical fiction, fantasy, and Afrocentrism for your eyeballs."
Kristy Senko-Hall,
"The film delivers a polyrhythmic optic experience that may now be reduced to mere aestheticism but back then was the sign of a subterranean social and cultural current willing to transform potentiality into opportunity in spite of the marginal position of black people in Nixon"s America."
Celluloid Liberation Front, Electric Sheep Magazine
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