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Documentary, Adventure, History | 1919 | G. 1hr 28min
CAST: Ernest Shackleton, Frank Worsley, J. Stenhouse DIRECTOR: Frank Hurley TUESDAY FILM SERIES | JULY 5, 2022 | MASKS OPTIONAL

The story of the 1914-1916 Antarctic exploration mission of Sir Ernest Shackleton. The ship sails south, breaking the ice, and ultimately getting trapped by the fast-changing weather. The ship breaks up in the ice, and while 22 men and 70 dogs wait on Elephant Island, Shackleton and a crew of five take a 20-foot lifeboat 800 miles to South Georgia Island to mount a rescue mission.

The sheer vividness of these personalities scorches out of the screen.
Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
A rare and personal insight into the struggle that these men faced.
Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film
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