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Short Films 1

Short Films 1
2021 | NR. 1hr 35min

Six short fictional films from Ghana, Egypt, Iran, UK and the US. 

Da Yie Still

Da Yie | Ghana | 20 | Anthony Nti | A foreigner in Ghana gets an assignment from his gang to find kids for a risky job that will take place later that evening. While spending the day with two energetic children, Prince and Matilda, he starts to question his decision and how it will affect their lives.

i am afraid to forget your face | Egypt | 15 | Sameh Alaa | After being separated for 82 days, Adam travels down a rough road to be reunited with the one he loves, whatever it takes.

Good Thanks, You? | United Kingdom | 13 | Molly Manning Walker | In the aftermath of an attack, Amy is left voiceless, trapped in a whirlwind of incompetence. She must find a way to confront what has happened, in order to save what matters to her most.

Witness | Iran, Islamic Republic of | 15 | Ali Asgari | A mother helps an elderly woman in a shopping mall in Tehran. A tragedy occurs, brutally confronting her with the impact of her actions.

Dọlápọ̀ Is Fine | United Kingdom | 15 | Ethosheia Hylton | Ready to leave her UK boarding school and enter the working world, a young Black woman faces pressure to change her name and natural hairstyle.

Leylak | US | 17 | Scott Aharoni, Dennis Latos | In present day Queens, New York, a Turkish gravedigger is unable to face a shattering truth, and risks losing the dearest connection left in his life.

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