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Ruth: Justice Ginsburg in Her Own Words

Ruth: Justice Ginsburg in Her Own Words
Documentary | 2021 | NR. 1hr 29min
CAST: Joe Biden, Irin Carmon, Erwin Chemerinsky DIRECTOR: Freida Lee Mock VIRTUAL SCREENING ROOM | ENDS 3/28

This new documentary tells the improbable story of how Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who couldn’t get a job despite graduating first in her law school class in a tie and making Law Review at Harvard and Columbia Law Schools, became an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. It also reveals both the public and private sides of a resilient, resourceful woman who survived the hostility of the profoundly male universe of government and law to become a revered Justice and icon for gender equality and women’s rights.

How did Ginsburg’s work as a litigator for the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project; as a professor; and as an appellate judge make a difference? Most importantly, how did her trailblazing work in the l970’s arguing landmark gender discrimination cases before the Supreme Court become a turning point for her and the everyday lives of men and women? And how does Justice Ginsburg’s pioneering work on behalf of gender equality continue to resonate through her opinions and work in her 27 years on the Supreme Court? With these questions at the heart of Ruth, the film dramatizes a confluence of factors—personal, psychological, social and political—that impacted the course of her work and life.

An absolutely gorgeously made and emotionally resonate documentary.
Jean Henegan, Pop Culture Maniacs
[Director Freida Mock's] film employs archival film and audio footage of the late U.S. Supreme Court justice and her appearances at schools, receptions and in court, and is an air-tight testament to Ginsburg's wit, intellect and reasoning.
Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News
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