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Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project
Documentary | 2019 | NR. 1hr 27min
CAST: Marion Stokes, Michael Metelits DIRECTOR: Matt Wolf TUESDAY FILM SERIES

For over 30 years, Marion Stokes obsessively and privately recorded American television news 24 hours a day filling 70,000 VHS tapes, capturing wars, talk shows and commercials that show us how television shaped the world of today.

Join us for a post-film discussion after the 6:45pm screening, led by Chase Hutchinson. Read his review on the film. 

A character study of a fascinating news-junkie with a mission.
Sheila O'Malley,
Captures both the inherent humor and the utter absurdity of what this single-minded woman devoted her life to. Buried within all those hours of footage are gems and relics to capture a time and place in an unprecedented fashion.
Tynan Yanaga, Film Inquiry
Not only is this an important documentary, but it is a prophetic one. It asks us to remember that the world may very well go on without us, and we need to help those that are yet to arrive. That is the legacy of Marion Stokes.
Faisal Al-Jadir, Film Inquiry
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