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PNW Dramatic Shorts - Places

PNW Dramatic Shorts - Places
Comedy, Drama, Family, Short, PNW | 2023 | NR. 1hr 27min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

My Two Homes | United States | 8 | Ella Torrance | A family navigates the dynamics of divorce from the perspective of a small child.  

Meaningful Meals | United States | 11 | Franco Duerme | A minimum wage worker struggles to find meaning in the meals they eat to get them through the week. What ensues is a journey to find that meaning and why the things they eat are important.  

One Hundred | United States | 15 | Marcus Baker | A young woman's dreams are put in jeopardy when her mother needs to borrow money.  

In This Neighborhood  | United States | 9 | Lilly Lion | After breaking into her estranged family's home, a young houseless woman spirals deep into psychosis during her search for safety.  

Wrap Me in a Sheet | United States | 17 | Molly Muse, Britt Harris | Two sisters travel to the Washington coast to unearth a dark family secret.  

Letting Loose the Hounds | United States | 26 | Asher McMurren, Paige Harwood, and Logan Leavett | "Letting Loose the Hounds" tells the story of Goody, who has lost his girlfriend, lives out of his car, and, worst of all, desperately needs to see a dentist. After a botched oral surgery, Goody wanders the streets of Boise. When a local trapper takes pity on him, the two spend the night commiserating about the terrible hand they have both been dealt.

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