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PNW Comedy Shorts - Somber Reflections

PNW Comedy Shorts - Somber Reflections
Comedy, Film-Noir, Short, PNW | 2023 | NR. 1hr 17min
Closed Captioning CAST: Various DIRECTOR: Various TACOMA FILM FESTIVAL 2023

The Deadline | United States | 11 | Melissa McCarthy | Editor-in-chief Rosalind Reid can beat a story to its own ending, much to the horror of reporter Richard Howard in this surreal film noir parody.  

Squatch Seeker | United States | 7 | David Over | Scott Quaid hosts the 17th most popular, basement-based, Sasquatch investigatory podcast west of Nebraska. After losing sponsors, he sets out on a mission to prove to the world (and his mother) that the mythical creature exists.  

Out of Office | United States | 10 | Ev Jensen | Burned-out office worker, Willa finds out how far she will go for a day off.   

Rad Dad | United States | 13 | Zach Weintraub | A sesh with the boys would make dad glad. But if dad can't get rad, then will he be sad?  

II Amendment | United States | 14 | Ciro Fusco | Vince and Mike's plot to rob a house goes astray when the home owners return early.   

28 Grams | United States | 22 | D.J. Walker | Two cousins scramble to make their budding weed grow op a legitimate business but quickly find out they'll need more than the proper paper work..

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